"Education is the most powerful Weapon which you can use to change the World"
By Nelson Mandela
Education to the poor and the marginalized children of urban slums and rural areas, is a priority concern for M J Trust. Education gives empowerment in employment areas and commercial activities,in addition to making them responsible citizens for future.
The Trust sponsors education for 35 children who belongs to slums in Ghaziabad.This includes not only direct Payment of school fees to Saraswati Public School in Vasundara Ghaziabad but also supplying books for curriculum and school uniform.Should they need further financial assistance or Transport Facilities to attend school that is provided as well. Some of these children have now successfully completed they primary education have moved to Secondary Education which is also supported by the MJ Charitable Trust.Some Young People have contacted the Trust for further Skilled Training to help with employment which has also been sponsored and supported the Trust fot Example I.T.I Training and they are now Successful in securing the employment and supporting they families.