"Healthy Citizens is the best asset a Country can have"
By Aristotle
We provide health care facilities to poor and marginalized communities in west part of Uttar Pradesh. It includes Weekly free Sunday morning clinic at Ancesteral house in hansapur village in meerut District. It has an Organizing Committee which monitors and regulates its effectiveness. Approximately 70 to 80 patient a seen free of cost and given free consultant including consultancy by telemedicine. Altough Majority of patients who seek consultancy Blood pressure,diabetic,epilepsy and mental health patients in addition to general complaints,should a patient a require further investigations and referral for surgery that is provided after evaluation of a financial status of the individual although the advice is free but financial assistance as provided for the needy sector of the society.The Referrals are dealt by qulaified consultant which a practising in delhi or west UP and a in the advisory board and morally and ethically high.